We transform ideas into captivating experiences.

At Heavy, nothing is impossible. We own the space between imagination and reality with our unique ‘Plan-Build-Install’ approach: a blueprint for every project that ensures precision, efficiency and the delivery of an uncompromised concept.

Our technical in-house experts are with you every step of the way; overseeing the project from the day the concept is born to the moment the work is installed. We thrive on challenges and go ‘all-in’ to push the limits of innovation.

Heavy plans, builds and installs art, architecture and immersive experiences that provoke, express and contribute to your legacy.

Let’s go all-in together.


We specialize in the type of thinking that turns complex geometric forms into executable plans.  All of our design is communicated through 3D shop drawings and photo-realistic renderings.

  • Conceptual design
  • Construction design
  • Manufacturing design
  • Engineer approvals


Our 36,000 square foot facility plays host to a variety of departments including:

  • CNC machining
  • Carpentry and millwork
  • Sculpting, moulding, and casting
  • Steel and specialty metals fabrication
  • Architectural concrete
  • Industrial-grade coatings


We take a turnkey approach to the projects we build.  Our project managers and site supervisors are adept at handling every detail

  • Site preparation
  • Foundations and structural interfaces
  • Lighting and electrical coordination
  • Crating and logistics
  • Rigging and final placement
  • The signs are looking fantastic! What a great contribution to our community's appeal and vision.  Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your design and production team!

    - Jean Anne Fraser, Director of Planning & Technical Services

    Town of Hinton
  • "Very much appreciated your creative problem solving and support throughout the process."

    - Deborah McBride Wilson, Senior Associate

    BKDI Architects
  • "They embraced our concept and created a design and implementation schedule that exceeded our expectations."

    - Val Dearden, Special Projects Manager

    Town of Edson
  • "Heavy has the creative and artistic intelligence combined with technical knowledge to add significant value to the creation of our work."

    - Georg Zey, Artist

    Inges Idee
  • "Your fabrication quality and advanced processes have made Heavy Industries a natural fit for fabricating the complex public art projects we are currently undertaking."


    - Georg Zey, Artist

    Inges Idee
  • "In a world of limited imagination and intellect builders, your firm clearly stands out."

    - Jim Hill, Founder and President

    Esker Foundation
  • "You proactively dealt with glitches before they had a chance to derail the project and I appreciated how you were transparent about the ins and outs of what was going on throughout our time working together."

    - Michael Fishman, Senior Associate

  • "I was impressed by your ability to integrate lighting, steel structures, concrete sculptures, cedar and concrete benches, and coloured flatwork into one set of entrance features"


    - Michael Fishman, Senior Associate

  • "Heavy works in a creative fashion with highly effective procedures and methods form preliminary concept to integrated design all the way through project delivery.  They really know how to take a creative concept and turn it into a reality."

    -Todd Urquhart, Senior Project Manager

    Clark Builders
  • "Leadership, vision and a passion for excellence combined with talent, skill and expertise are all qualities that we found all the way through the company with Heavy Industries from top to bottom"

    - Todd Urquhart, Senior Project Manager

    Clark Builders