Thorsten Goldberg – 53º30’N

Date: 04/2019 Category:

53º30’N is a the City of Edmonton’s largest public art commission to date and is designed by world-renowned artist Thorsten Goldberg. The work is a collection of five topographic models of mountain-landscapes from different parts of the world, which are on the same latitude as the city of Edmonton will be build in the scale of 1:1.000 – 1:3.000 and mounted upright on the facing sides of the lanterns on the roof of the Kathleen Andrews Transit Garage in Edmonton, Canada. The degrees of longitudes will be written on the sides of the lanterns. The shaping of the facing sides merges with the lantern corpuses and disconnects the lanterns from the elongated building. They appear as oversized core samples, which are stored on top of the building.

53º30’N will be complete by summer of 2019. Please check back for more news!