Acoustic Panels

Date: 12/2015 Category:

Design Assist, Engineering, Fabrication, and Installation of curved acoustical panels for the new Bella Concert Hall at Mount Royal University.

The original design called for the curved flowing geometry of the acoustical panels to be constructed from Steel HSS (hollow structural section) with gypsum board, densglass backup, framing and wood trim. The acoustic properties were to stem from back-filling the panels on-site with a waterproof membrane and shotcrete.

Heavy identified this as an excellent opportunity from the onset because in addition to our world class design team and our roots as a CNC milling company we are CWB certified welders and we offer millworking and pre-cast concrete services in-house.

Heavy was hired by MRU on a design assist basis to work with Pfeiffer Partners Architects to help finalize the design and to provide leadership with respect to fabrication. Heavy was then hired by CANA construction to manufacture, supply and install the panels. Ultimately, Heavy was responsible for the curved panels at the back of the stage, the panels hanging from the ceiling (the rose), the panels that line the balconies (with embeded lights), the structural steel that holds everything in place and for working with the acoustical technician on the final tweaking and adjustments of the panel orientation. Bella Concert Hall is a world-class performance space that attracts musicians from across the globe and our team was honored to have played a critical part in the production and installation of such a unique project.

Design: Pfeiffer Partners Architects Inc.
Client: CANA Construction for Mount Royal University
Place: The Bella Concert Hall, part of the New Conservatory at Mount Royal University
Materials: Steel, Wood (Cherry Veneer, MDF & MDO), GFRC