Atlantic Avenue Arts Block Signpost

Gord Ferguson

Free-standing steel marker with back-lit signage and seamless appearance.

Gord Ferguson came to Heavy Industries with his design for the signpost illustrated as a small scale maquette.  Taking measurements and angles directly from the scale model, Heavy Industries developed a three-dimensional digital model of the signpost from which we could design an internal framework and incorporate structural and connection details.  Heavy Industries made material recommendations to suit the preferred aesthetic and longevity requirements and then designed the integration of the logos for the building’s anchor tenants.

To better visualize the signpost in situ, Heavy Industries developed photorealistic renderings of the signpost in front of the Atlantic Avenue Arts Block.  Further, Heavy Industries mocked up a full 1:1 scale version of the signpost in our shop, using proportionate blocks of EPS foam, to allow both the designer and the building owner to view the shape in real life prior to production.

The signpost is made of a stainless steel form with a bead blast finish that is suspended around an internal steel framework.  The coloured logos are internally lit with LED lighting and the logos are easily interchangeable should the anchor tenants change in the future.

Concept:  Gord Ferguson
Client:  Gord Ferguson for the Atlantic Avenue Arts Block
Place:  Atlantic Avenue Arts Block in the historic Inglewood district | Calgary, Alberta
Size: 12′ (3.7m) tall
Materials:  Steel, lighting