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The sculpture is a 90’ (27.4m) long extrusion of the profile of a baroque-style cherub, cantilevered from a single touch point at its base.

Although invisible now that the project is complete, the internal framework of the sculpture proved to be complex. The frame is 90’ (27.4m) of steel that required 18 separate pieces—each with its own radius—to corkscrew up from a single point. Working with the German Engineering team, the frame was designed such that, under the deflection of its own weight, it would still fit within the required ½” (1.3cm) tolerance across the entire cantilevered section. Our fabrication team utilized templates to ensure the rolled sections followed the determined path across the entire stretch of the framework. The completed framework was within tolerance, ensuring the sculptural fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) sections fit perfectly around the steel frame using a CNC cut rib design.

The sculptural forms were CNC milled in a high density foam before they were hand finished, moulded, and cast in an FRP. To ship the project to Pullach, Germany from Heavy Industries fabrication shop in Calgary, Canada, the sculpture was built in six modular pieces that could fit inside a sea container for reassembly on site. The sections of the sculpture required on-site seaming with the same FRP so the entire surface of the sculpture is one homogenous material – making seams indistinguishable and giving the sculpture a uniform expansion and contraction rate to prevent performance issues.

Aufschwung, meaning “upswing” in English, refers to an economic upturn or a boom that is visually represented in the sculpture through a dynamically veering loop; the shape of a cherub or “putto” twisted upward. The sculpture references the baroque-style construction present throughout Southern Germany that incorporates the figure of the putto and swooping elements. The sculpture contrasts rational new construction with the exuberant and gravity-defying aspects of the baroque style. The whimsical artwork unfolds a particular energy and tension in the context of the plaza architecture.

Artist: inges idee
Client: inges idee for LHI Leasing GmbH
Place: LHI Leasing headquarters | Pullach, Germany (greater Munich area)
Size: 15’ (4.6m) tall
Materials: Steel, FRP

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