Client: Brookfield Commercial Date: 06/2018 Category:

“Boney” is hard to miss but easy to love. This 9 foot (2.7 meter) tall cast aluminum sculpture of a dog greets visitors to the Seton Professional Building in Calgary. Boney was designed by German artist collective Inges Idee and is made up of nine identical bone-shaped pieces as well as one big 12-foot bone.

Inges Idee concentrated on the idea of a dog looking for his bone and at the same time his entire form is shaped by the object of his desire. Boney reminds us to “always look up” and take a pause from our day-to-day activities and enjoy the beauty of life in all its forms. Everything is not as it seems. There is a perceived tension between the dog and his bone, and this serves to create a subtle dialogue with the building’s architecture and the site.

Heavy Industries engaged with Brookfield Commercial with their specialized Plan-Build™ process, collaborating with them early in the project. Heavy assumed full ownership of the conceptual design phase, following the project through to its successful installation and end-user experience—a captivating public artwork that greets visitors to the Seton Professional Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

For this project Heavy presented the portfolios of a variety of designers and artists from around the world. Brookfield Commercial ultimately selected artist collective Inges Idee, receiving three unique concepts to select from. After the artist team was defined we facilitated the design process, ensuring that the concepts carefully considered materials that could stand the test of time, and the design met rigid safety and engineering standards. Our experienced project management team effectively maximized the schedule and budget limitations by maintaining control of the project scope from start to finish, allowing Inges Idee to focus on the concept and its intent.

Plan-Build™ allowed Brookfield Commercial to focus on the greater project development while we assumed the risk for this creative element. They were able to select the concept that that they liked the most without having to concern themselves with project minutiae.

Client: Brookfield Commercial
Designer: Inges Idee
Project Type: Public Art
Location: Seton Professional Building, Calgary, AB, Canada
Materials: Cast Aluminum, High grade glass paint
Scope: Plan-Build