Capturing the View

Jill Anholt Studio

Three tree-like sculptures with glowing inner cores that refer to Vancouver’s most desired views: the mountains, the parks, and the water.

The sculptures are made of polished stainless steel adeptly wrapped around an inner framework.  The polished surfaces are 3mm (~⅛”)  thick stainless steel with no visible weld marks on the cosmetic finish. Each sculpture contains lighting fixtures concealed behind curved lexan that has been printed with unique images.  The sculptures are built in sections with visible horizontal divisions between each segment, but with an overall clean appearance.  The sculptures are reminiscent of much of Anholt’s work; intriguing passers-by and drawing them to look closer at the work itself and, by extension, discover relationships embodied in the site.

Artist:  Jill Anholt
Client:  Jill Anholt Studio
Place:  Three Harbour Green at Coal Harbour | Vancouver, British Columbia
Size:  Two at 14’ (4.3m) tall and one at 17’ (5.2m) tall
Materials:  Polished stainless steel, lexan, lighting, concrete