Jyhling Lee & Figureground Studios – The Courts

Date: 08/2014 Category:

This brightly painted, 3D hanging sculpture is located in South Fishcreek Recreation complex and represents the sporting courts in the building it overhangs.

Heavy Industries collaborated with Jyhling Lee of Figureground Studios out of Toronto to design and build a hanging sculpture for South Fishcreek’s recreational complex. The concept needed to embody the theme of sporting and cooperation in the community. The team’s end product is the massive 38×18 ft. courts system made entirely out of painted aluminum tube that is hanging above the lobby today. Each layer of the hanging Courts sculpture represents a linear boundary of the different sports played inside the complex and helps create a meshed 3D aesthetic for the complex’s patrons.

The majority of the Courts systems were fabricated by cutting, bending and welding 2” by 2” aluminum tubing. For the dimensions that had too sharp of a radius to bend into shape, the aluminum was water-jetted from solid pieces. Once the Courts’ aluminum was fabricated into shape our coatings team applied a protective layer followed by a bright paint job that included four distinct pantones. Heavy then shipped the layers of the Courts to South Fish Creek where they were hung 20 ft. above the lobby. The hanging was done using engineered steel hardware that latched to the trusses of the complex’s roof and galvanized aircraft steel cable to ensure that the sculpture remains secure in its hanging position.

Heavy used its turnkey process of designing, fabricating and installing to be a single point of accountability for the Courts project as well as an efficient vehicle to create an appealing art project.

Design: Jyhling Lee, Figureground Studios
Client: South Fishcreek Recreation Complex
Place: South Fishcreek Recreation Complex
Materials: 2 x 2 Aluminum tube, Steel hardware, galvanized cable, paint