inges idee

65′ tall sculpture of a raindrop with a glossy, reflective surface

The Drop is a slender sculpture in the form of an elegant, abstracted rain droplet; it is a visual and conceptual compliment to both the surrounding landscape and one of the greenest convention centres in the world.  The sculpture contrasts with the geometric architecture of the Vancouver Convention Centre and stands almost like a figurehead on a sailing ship.  The drop takes on a soft, round form with the potential to subtly alter its appearance with changes in light and weather.  This public art piece is a joyful yet sincere dialogue between technical achievement and respect for the natural surroundings.  It has become a landmark that resembles water and rain, known features of Vancouver, and pays homage to the power of nature.

Building the Drop began with a two-dimensional vector image, which Heavy Industries spun on its axis to turn into a three-dimensional model. Using the digital model, we were able to create a scale sample for wind tunnel testing as well as to design the inner framework that would be necessary for holding the drop on its angle. We worked with the project’s engineer to perform dampening tests and collaborated with our paint suppliers to find the formula that would give inges idee the exact surface texture they were looking for. We machined the shape of the Drop in EPS on our CNC equipment, clad the pieces to the armature, completed sculpting to get the shape just right, and coated the entire piece in a polyurea coating.  Countless hours were spent sanding and perfecting the form. The Drop was shipped to Vancouver in a single piece and installed with a crane mounted to a barge. This is one of the many public art pieces that fill Vancouver’s city spaces.

Artist:  inges idee
Client:  inges idee for the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project
Place:  Bon Voyage Plaza at the Vancouver Convention Centre | Vancouver, British Columbia
Size:  65′ (19.8m) tall
Materials:  Steel, Coated EPS





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