Christian Moeller – Eclipse

Date: 08/2015 Category:

Eclipse is a set of two-piece sculptures made with aluminum, steel, and EPS foam engaged in perpetual motion caused by the use of electro magnets.


Located at the Clareview Community Recreation Centre in Edmonton, Eclipse is two separate sculptures in perpetual motion inspired by the ancient proverb “Keep your mind active and in motion”. With the upper components anchored to the roof, the use of magnets allows these pieces to swing back and forth like a never-ending pendulum, leaving a narrow gap between its static counterparts.

Both sculptures are similar in design but different in size. The bases of both sculptures are shaped and created out of hard coated EPS foam. The upper pendulum uses a combination of the same hard coated foam along with aluminum, and is powered by an electro magnet.

Design:  Christian Moeller
Client:  Christian Moeller for the Edmonton Arts Council Society
Place:  Edmonton, Alberta
Materials:  EPS Foam, Steel, Aluminum, Electro Magnets, Polyurea