Feature Stairs & Reception Desk

GEC Architecture

Precast concrete stair treads, landing, and reception desk designed by GEC Architecture.

Working from the aesthetic design developed by GEC Architecture, Heavy Industries collaborated with an engineer to design an adequate structural support system for the stairs and landing. Our carpentry department produced three types of stair moulds, one for the landing slab, and two unique moulds to make up the reception desk elements.  A custom concrete mix was designed to suit the aesthetic goals for the stairs.  After pouring, the GFRC pieces were polished and sealed to reach the appropriate finish.

The biggest challenge with this project was transporting the large pre-cast concrete slabs to site and installing them within the building without any damage or cracking occurring.  Our installation team was able to transport them to site using custom cradles and carefully place each section during the installation window established by the general contractor.

Design:  GEC Architecture
Client:  PCL Construction
Place:  Administration Building Executive Offices at the University of Calgary | Calgary, Alberta
Materials:  Precast concrete