Group Portrait 1957

Douglas Coupland

44 paint colours adorn this steel and aluminum sculpture affixed to the exterior of Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa.

The sculpture includes a fabricated steel armature with aluminum plates and is finished with an industrial-grade coating to keep the colors crisp for many years to come.

As Douglas Coupland noted in his original proposal for the artwork, he used the seminal portrait of the Painters Eleven – Peter Croydon’s 1957 group portrait – as a framework on which to place abstract forms that represent each member. These forms and their colors are derived from a key piece of each of the eleven members’ works in the gallery’s collection. We matched the provided pantone of each color and painted the aluminum plates. Aluminum was used to minimize the weight of the sculpture and thus eliminate the need for modifications to Arthur Erickson’s iconic building design. The project utilized a custom connection detail to prevent piercing the membrane of the gallery’s roof to ensure the roof warranty would not be void.

Artist:  Douglas Coupland
Client:  CMYK Productions
Place:  Robert McLaughlin Gallery| Oshawa, Ontario
Size:  31′ (9.4m) long and 15 ½’ (4.7m) tall
Materials:  Steel, aluminum

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