Infinite Tires

Douglas Coupland

A series of 18 stacked tires, each smaller than the one beneath it.  The project consists of an internal steel framework, FRP tires, and a GFRC pedestal.

The artwork was commissioned by Canadian Tire for its new shopping complex through the City of Vancouver’s public art program.  The Brancusi-inspired sculpture features 18 whitewall tires stacked on top of each other that get progressively smaller as the tower reaches skyward.  The tires themselves are fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) clad around an internal steel framework with treads and design matching Canadian Tire’s MotoMaster whitewall tires.  The stack sits on top of a pre-cast concrete base.

In the words of the artist, Douglas Coupland,

“Canadian Tire is a store about possibilities; we all know the wonderful sense of creative omnipotence we feel walking down the aisles: Oh, the things I could do with those slats! And why, are those thin-veneer doors useful as tabletops? And look! An eight-can paint-shaker! We know the smell of fertilizer, plywood and galvanized nails. And we most of all know the smell of rubber tires — the smell of long-chain carbon molecules off-gassing in a way that no ventilation system can ever fight. And in Canadian Tire, the rubber you smell is possibly a Motomaster whitewall, and that’s what Infinite Tire is: a Brancusi-esque expression of joy in all things suburban, a wink to the notion of better living through abundance, and a totem of sorts that acknowledges and revels in the choices and creative freedom that can be inherent in industrial sizing systems.”

Artist:  Douglas Coupland
Client:  CMYK Productions for Canadian Tire
Place:  Canadian Tire at SW Marine Drive and Ontario Street | Vancouver, British Columbia
Size:  60’ (18.3m) tall
Materials:  Steel, FRP, GFRC