Kinetic Facade

Ned Kahn

Date: 12/2013 Category:

Conceptualized by internationally renowned artist Ned Kahn, the façade consists of 4,080 brushed stainless steel flappers cladding a renovated parkade. Nylon standoffs allow each plate to move independently with the wind for a kinetic effect.

Eight outriggers were attached to each of the existing building’s five main columns. A large, galvanized mild steel beam, extending the length of the building along the top parapet, was attached to the top of the outriggers and the building. Clip plates and angle were used to bolt 20 stainless steel frames to the beam. Custom nylon standoffs (8,160) secure the 4,080 brushed stainless steel flappers to the frames.

Artist: Ned Kahn
Client: Graham Construction, Northwest Healthcare Properties
Place: University of Calgary downtown campus | Calgary, Alberta
Size: 3,250 sq ft (302 sq m)
Materials: Stainless steel, nylon standoffs