Light Showers

Jill Anholt Studio

Three iconic concrete structures with stainless steel insets, each standing 30-feet tall, integrated into the landscape along Toronto’s waterfront.

Working from a digital model provided by the artist, the sculptures were divided into modular pieces and an internal support framework was designed.  Translating the digital model, the positive shapes were formed using our CNC machining equipment.  Hours of bodywork was performed on each section to achieve the right surface texture of the pieces.  Working with a partnered shop, FRP moulds of each section were built. The moulds incorporated the location of the stainless steel strips, which would be incorporated after the sculptures were cast.

Using one of the moulds, our concrete specialists performed multiple in-house test pours with the artist, the general contractors, the architects and other stakeholders – the purpose of the test pours was to allow the artist to pick the exact surface texture, pigment etc. for the project and ensure quality could be achieved using these moulds. We followed up by supplying the local general contractor, who would be pouring the concrete on site in Toronto, with detailed instructions including concrete/aggregate types, pigment codes and percentages, cure times, finishing, and acid etching instructions.

After the sculptures were cast and erected, Heavy Industries returned to site in Toronto to install the stainless steel strips visible on the face of the sculptures.

Artist:  Jill Anholt
Client:  Jill Anholt Studio for Waterfront Toronto
Place:  Sherbourne Park along the waterfront | Toronto, Ontario
Size:  Three structures at 30′ (9.1m) tall
Materials:  Concrete, stainless steel, glass, lighting


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