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Date: 08/2015 Category:

The Nest is an encompassing meeting space suspended at mezzanine level in the stunning Esker Foundation gallery. The Nest is composed of both structural and aesthetic bands of steel and is built to meet LEED Silver standards.

After the Nest was conceptualized by Kasian, Heavy was brought in to evolve the preliminary concept of an airy, organic piece through to an integrated design. Heavy’s design team worked through structural engineering details and 3D models to identify how the piece would be built and the best way to camouflage the structural elements. Our fabrication team ensured each section of the 1.5 linear kilometers (0.9 miles) of steel banding was welded precisely as designed.

The exterior of the Nest is finished with a glossy white coating, while the interior received a hand-painted faux-felt finish to complement the design of the boardroom that it envelopes.

Concept: Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.
Client: Clark Builders for Esker Foundation (J.D. Hill Investments Ltd.)
Place: Esker Foundation gallery at the Atlantic Avenue Art Block in the historic Inglewood district | Calgary, Alberta
Size: 27’ (8.2m) across x 17’ (5.2m) tall
Materials: Steel, lighting