The Orchards at Ellerslie Entry Feature

RED the Agency

  • The Orchards at Ellerslie Entry Feature

Three solar powered stainless steel, FRP, and GFRC trees with thermoformed leaves, a cast in place concrete wall, and a fabricated steel sign that serves as the entry feature to the Orchards at Ellerslie.  Features LED illuminated tree canopies that are entirely “off the grid”, powered only by adjacent solar panels.

After analyzing the amount of sunlight per year this particular geographic location would receive, we designed a solar system that would power the project’s intended lighting program. The trees consists of stainless steel geodesic canopies that hold triangular, thermoformed leaves and small LEDs, fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) trunks that house RGB color changing up lighting, and glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) benches. The wall behind is cast-in-place concrete and serves to hold the stainless steel poles and affixed photovoltaic panels as well as the community’s entry signage.  Heavy integrated all of these materials and processes into a single project through highly effective project management and in-house capabilities.  Quality was ensured through an involved design process where each component was designed to integrate seamlessly with the interfacing materials.  This project was successful because Heavy Industries oversaw all aspects, maintained quality control, and ensured the successful integration of sub-scopes and various materials.

Concept:  RED the Agency
Client:  Brookfield Residential
Place:  The Orchards at Ellerslie | Edmonton, Alberta
Size:  The feature trees have a 16’ (4.9m) diameter and stand 18’ (5.5m) tall
Materials:  Steel, FRP, GFRC, cast-in-place concrete, lighting, photovoltaic panels, thermoformed plastic