Don Corson – Paisley

Date: 08/2015 Category:

Four synchronized self-lit monoliths – made of semi-transparent fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), internal steel frames and pre-cast concrete base caps.

Located in Brookfield Residential’s south Edmonton neighbourhood of Paisley Paisley, these internally-lit sculptures face each other in a quartet and use a motion sensor to trigger dynamic lighting scripts that interact with users. This is the second time Heavy Industries has fabricated this form of sculpture for Dan Corson, the first round being installed in Portland, Oregon. Like the last project, the sculptures are made of semi-transparent fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) with internal steel frames and pre-cast concrete base caps.

Heavy leveraged off the sampling and trial and error that ensured Nepenthes had the requisite translucency Dan Corson was looking for to precisely fabricate the Paisley sculptures. Our coatings team also used previous knowledge of translucent paint finishes to optimize viewing and lighting. This approach ensured the finished effect could be seen vividly at night. The sculptures change colours in synchronicity when lit up at night, changing from the brightest of reds to the darkest of purples. Each sculpture incorporates a unique monochromatic design.

Like much of Corson’s work, Nepenthes straddles the disciplines of art, architecture, and even magic. The project is infused with layered meanings and engages the viewer very effectively.

Design: Dan Corson
Client: Brookfield Residential
Place: Paisley, Edmonton
Size: 4 units at 16’ (4.9m) tall
Materials: Translucent FRP, steel, GFRC, lighting