Jill Anholt – Peeled Pavement

Date: 02/2016 Category:

Concrete and cast bronze seats made to look as if the side walk is peeling upwards exposing the districts industrial past.

What would happen if a giant were to thrust his hands into the seams of a concrete sidewalk and with great force he folded the concrete back on itself to reveal the relics of an industrial past? This series of four bronze and concrete benches designed by Jill Anholt is evocative of that imagery.

The bronze cast of the benches contain the relief patterns of old iron tools similar to those that are still hiding in the earth below the historic Mill Street District in Toronto.  Under the benches at the base are pieces of sandblasted glass with integral lighting.

Design: Jill Anholt Studios
Client:  Jill Anholt Studios
Place:  Toronto, Ontario
Materials:  Concrete, Bronze, Glass