Nadia Myre – Pimisi

Date: 04/2019 Category:

This public artwork was design by artist Nadia Myre for the Ontario Light Rail Transit system. The work is composed of 2 pieces, the most notable being a 30′ high chrome “Pimisi” is the First Nation’s name for the river eel that calls the area home. The second feature is a basket, made of interwoven steel bands, reminiscent of the woven baskets used for fishing by the First Nation’s people. Nadia Myre’s public art installation has added a culturally important element to the OLRT station and an important environmental statement.

Client: Ontario Light Rail Transit
Designer: Nadia Myre
Project Type: Public Art
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Materials: Steel, coatings, concrete
Scope: Facilitated the fabrication and installation