Myfanwy MacLeod and Shannon Oksanen- Playtime

Date: 07/2016 Category:

Whimsical and playful concrete sculptures for a Vancouver health centre’s campus.

Heavy was engaged by the artists to create concrete sculptures for the B.C. Women’s and Children’s Health Centres. Having worked with Myfanwy in the past (The Birds, Last Drop), Heavy was happy to collaborate on another art project.

Heavy provided samples and mock-ups to ensure the artists were happy before beginning fabrication. From there, the steel armatures were constructed to hold the foam and rebar bases. The bases were then sprayed with white shotcrete, and hand-sculpted smooth. The sculptures were masked and hand-painted multiple times with each sculpture having its own unique pattern. The hand-crafted sculptures emphasize the natural characteristics of the materials, while embracing any minor imperfections as well as the playfulness of the sculptures and their psychedelic designs.

The sculptures were installed in the courtyard at the health centres on a soft rubber play surface to encourage families to interact with the sculptures, whether it be taking photos or climbing. For more on Playtime from the artist, you can read this article featured in the Vancouver publication, the Georgia Straight.

Design: Myfanwy MacLeod and Shannon Oksanen
Client: Myfanwy MacLeod for the B.C. Women’s and Children’s Health Centres
Place: B.C. Women’s and Children’s Health Centres in Vancouver, B.C.
Materials: Sculpted concrete