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GFRC wall and ground relief sculpture covered with hexagonal tile

Composed of an undulating surface of hand-placed hexagonal porcelain tile and embedded aluminum text pieces, Projecting Drop captures the dynamic movement of water.  The sculpture draws a connection between a 19th century Turkish bathhouse found under the site and its new life as a cistern to house water for the building’s green roof above.  A light projection triggered by movement interacts with text embedded in the tile surface.

To build Projecting Drop, large sections of the wavy contours were machined based on a digital model designed by Jill Anholt Studio.  The machined pieces were hand finished and assembled into moulds. Glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) was sprayed into the moulds to create panels up to 1” thick.  The thin, yet strong panels were shipped to Tacoma and installed onto a cast-in-place wall and the over the ground surface.  After site finishing and tile placement, a polyurethane sphere – painted to match the tiles – was attached to the end of the protruding section.

Photos courtesy Jill Anholt Studio

Design:  Jill Anholt Studio
Client:  Jill Anholt Studio for the City of Tacoma and Pacific Plaza Development
Place:  12th Street hill climb next to Pacific Plaza | Tacoma, Washington
Size:  25′ (7.6m) tall
Materials:  GFRC, tile

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