Rockwood Sunrise

Dan Corson

Rockwood Sunrise is a set of 50 cambered steel spires crowned with 6’ translucent FRP cones.  The fans of 12”OD spires are mounted to pergolas and installed between live wires on a train platform.  The FRP cones are illuminated by RGB colour changing light fixtures that announce the arrival and departure of trains.

The spires, arranged to create a moiré effect as one passes by, extend up to 40’ at an extreme grade; this made the design, engineering, and quality fabrication of this project imperative.  The brightly coloured spires are painted with a blended multi-colour gradient finish.

Lighting is an important element in much of Corson’s body of work.  The tips of the spires light up to announce the passing train.  An electronically controlled light display that illuminates the translucent fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) cones produces a dynamic colour sequence for several minutes before shifting back to acqua-coloured tips.  The effect creates a glowing visual landmark for the entire area.

This project required a well-choreographed installation with parts needing to be installed with precision on either side of live electrical wires in the 52 minute window between the last train at night and the first train in the morning.

Artist:  Dan Corson
Client:  Corson Studios LLC for TriMet
Place:  Rockwood MAX light rail train station | Gresham, Oregon
Size:  One unit at 30’x50’ (9.1m x 15.24m) and the other at 45’x70’ (13.7m x 21.3m)
Materials:  Steel, FRP, lighting