Stantec – Sentinels

Date: 08/2014 Category:

Several self-lighted, glass sheathed monoliths brightening up Calgary’s East Village and celebrating the pillars of its community.

Heavy Industries is proud to unveil its newest project – the Fort Calgary Sentinels. Heavy partnered with Stantec to create a unique project for the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation that would help reflect and celebrate the historical site of Fort Calgary. The team decided on symbolic internally lit monoliths to represent the history of Fort Calgary’s foundation and serve as a marker for visitors and residents in the East Village. These “Sentinels” were fabricated using glass panels with graphical interlayers, mounted off of steel structures using curtain wall hardware.

The Sentinels’ scope of work called for a variety of differing materials. Our team used its proficiency in mechanical design to meet the challenges posed and in doing so was able to harmonize glass panels, steel structures, concrete bases and lighting. We were the single point of accountability as we took this project from its inception to its installation.

The glass on the sentinels used a graphical interlayer system. This system allowed for a graphic to be inserted inside the panes of glass therefore protecting it from exterior damage caused by weather, UV fading and graffiti.

Utilization of curtain wall hardware allowed our fabricators to precisely mount the glass panels at 90 degree angles to ensure the following panels would fit properly in their tight clearances. It also allowed our team to keep the outside aesthetic unblemished as the majority of the mechanics are located internally.

Design: Stantec
Client: Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.
Place: East Village – Fort Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
Size: 5 units at differing heights
Materials: Internal steel frame, glass panels, graphical interlayer, curtain wall hardware, lighting