Sonic Wall

Caryl Christian Levy

A 340’ (103.6m) long bas-relief sculpture featuring variable LED lighting that changes colour and tempo to simulate motion.

Enlarged from the artist’s maquette, Sonic Wall is a massive multi-media installation that stretches across the front of the casino.  The wall is an abstraction of a sound wave rendered in fibre reinforced plastic (FRP).  The sculpture is illuminated by a string of LEDs on both the top and bottom that change colour and tempo to simulate the motion of the ribbons and animating the artist’s original musical score.

The bas-relief sculpture was enlarged in EPS foam, coated, hand finished, moulded, and then cast in a fire-rated FRP.  The final sculpture is composed of 50 sections that appear seamless upon installation.  The entire art piece is composed of four seperate exterior walls behind a continuous glass facade.

Artist:  Caryl Christian Levy
Client:  CMC Fine Arts with JLLP Inc. for Philadelphia Parks
Place:  PARX Casino | Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Size:  340’ (103.6m) long x 30’ (9.1m) tall
Materials:  FRP, lighting


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