Sunset Ridge Entry Feature

Asymmetrical entrance features including rockwork and stylized weathering steel horses.

The design for the horses evolved as an economical solution to build a three-dimensional form with two-dimensional components.  The horses are made of layers of ¼” (0.64cm) weathering steel plate with support pins creating space between the layers for a three-dimensional effect.  The rockwork conceals retaining walls and provides significant visual impact from the roadway.  The rockwork is hand-sculpted concrete over a fabricated framework that has been stained for the appearance of natural stone from the area.  The signage component is made of a weathering steel plate that is secured to the concealed retaining wall.  The lettering includes a painted mild steel overlay for visual impact.

Concept:  L.A. West Associates Inc. with Heavy Industries
Client:  Sunset Properties Inc. (Melcor Developments Ltd.)
Place:  Sunset Ridge | Cochrane, Alberta
Size:  Horses are approximately 1.5x life size and there is approximately 1,050 sq ft (97.5sq m) of rock surface area
Materials:  Weathering steel, sculpted concrete