Tall Girl

inges idee

A 65’ tall sculpture of an elongated girl holding shopping bags.

Tall Girl stretches up to 65′ tall through the elevation of the building,  though takes up very little space on the ground level of the mall where most of the public strolls.  Not only in the figure stretched vertically in an extreme way, but is also prospectively distorted; while the shoes seem extremely large, the head is modest and almost human in scale.  Tall Girl plays with perspective and distortion, while also illustrating the place where it is located as was it is: a gigantic place to shop.

Predominantly made of polyurea coated EPS, Tall Girl was enlarged from a digital model provided by inges idee. An internal framework makes the artwork structurally sound.  The large red boots are made of cast gypsum; a suitable material for an interior application and a more durable option for a space that will encounter shoppers on a daily basis.

Artist:  inges idee
Client:  inges idee for Orchard Central
Place:  Orchard Central Shopping Mall | Singapore
Size:  65.6′ (20m) tall
Materials:  Coated EPS, steel, cast gypsum