Ted and Lois Hole Healing Garden

IBI Group

Custom FRP planter boxes and pond with coloured glass water features and coordinated coloured glass dividers.

2012 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Award for Design

Heavy Industries was involved early in the planning and design stage of this project allowing us to present fabrication suggestions for cost savings while the design was still malleable.  Faced with building 47 planter boxes, all of unique sizes and shapes, it was imperative to find an efficient method of production.  Heavy Industries worked with IBI Group to design a modular system for constructing the planters.  Although the finished planters were of varying sizes and shapes, they could be constructed of a limited number of unique pieces.  Our approach in the healing garden allowed for economies of scale to be achieved using 880 fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) to construct the planters.

Key features of the healing garden were the coloured glass elements; water features and screens that complimented each other.  After extensive material research, it was determined that the water features and screens would include a typographic layer laminated between panels of tempered glass.  This material selection allowed for brilliantly coloured glass elements that would be durable and resist fading in the sun.

Client:  IBI Group
Place:  Ted and Lois Hole Healing Garden at the Royal Alexandra Hospital | Edmonton, Alberta
Materials:  FRP, steel, glass