TELUS Sky Spiral Staircase

Date: 04/2019 Category:

Heavy is working closely with Hindle Architects to facilitate the design, build and installation of this very unique art feature staircase that will call the top floors of TELUS Sky tower home.

The staircase was custom designed to accommodate the tight space that it calls home. Solid sheets of custom rolled 32mm thick steel (very rare) provide a sturdy rail and stringer system that is coated with the highest automotive grade coating.

There is a unique mass-dampening system that counteracts each footstep on the treads by distributing the downward force, preventing the dizzying feeling of travelling up/down a spiral staircase.

Each tread and riser is fabricated with Italian marble that is precision machined to fit perfectly in place. A one-piece formed fibreglass soffit runs the entire length of the underside of the staircase, along with a series of accent lights. An Avonite railing system runs the inside length.

Heavy provided efficiencies for this project by combining resources used during the fabrication and installation phases of the project. The team designed a special jig to facilitate the fabrication of the complex staircase frame, and once complete, the jig was moved to the installation site to be used to hold the stairs in position while they were being installed.