The Birds

Myfanwy Macleod

A pair of oversized common sparrows; one male and one female. The birds are made of polyurea coated EPS with an airbrushed paint finish and bronze feet.

The posture for the sparrows was selected to be both natural and conceal a structurally sound inner steel armature.  Scale versions of the inner armature were built and maquettes of the sparrows were sculpted around the armatures based on reference images from Myfanwy Macleod.  These maquettes were laser scanned to create a digital model that could be scaled up and milled with our CNC milling equipment. The EPS was sculpted and shaped to incorporate details that balanced realism with the smooth aesthetic of the porcelain figurines that Macleod provided as a reference.

The sparrows were sprayed with a polyurea coating, which resembles a rubber-based skin.  The surface was bodyworked before a paint base coat was applied.  Our airbrusher worked closely with Macleod to define the level of detail that she was looking for and bring the birds to a fairly realistic appearance.  The sparrows were coated with an anti-graffiti topcoat for an added layer of protection.  The feet of the sparrows were cast in bronze and patinated to suit Macleod’s vision for the artwork.

The Birds have been featured in Canadian Art Magazine and have received many accolades from the public art community, including a 2011 Year in Review selection from the Public Art Network.

Artist:  Myfanwy Macleod
Client:  Myfanwy Macleod for the City of Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic public art program
Place:  Southeast False Creek Olympic Plaza | Vancouver, British Columbia
Size:  14’ (4.3m) tall and 16’ (4.9m) tall, each on an 18” (46cm) base.
Materials:  Bronze, steel, polyurea coated EPS

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