Travelling Light

inges idee

The intent of the sculpture was to appear simple, though fabrication and installation of a sculpture this size was complex.  The sculpture is made of 20″OD steel pipe, bent to the circumference of the circle in four sections.  Travelling Light was predominantly site fabricated due to its scale.  Lifting the nearly 22,000 pound (9980kg) artwork into place required dual cranes, as illustrated in the video below.  The sculpture is painted with an industrial-grade coating and includes maintenance access for mechanical and electrical requirements.  The lights mounted to the top serve as functioning street lights.  The engineered connection at the base of the ring is secured to massive foundations.  The artwork was built to meet strict quality requirements and in accordance with transportation building codes.

Photos above courtesy of Design Cause

Design:  inges idee
Client:  inges idee for the City of Calgary Department of Transportation
Place:  96th Avenue Northeast | Calgary, Alberta
Size:  Ring with 17m (55.7′) diameter and 53.3m (175′) circumference
Materials:  20″OD steel pipe, lighting

Located along a major traffic corridor, the artwork is a large steel ring with lights mounted atop the sculpture to also serve as a functioning light pole and bring the theme of movement to life.

Find out how Travelling Light was built and the concept behind the artwork:

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