O2 Planning + Design – Delta Gardens

Date: 05/2019 Category:

As part of Calgary’s downtown riverfront between the Peace Bridge and Eau Claire, West Eau Claire Park defines the City’s edge. The Delta Garden, which is next to the new pathways, is a waterfront park designed and named for its ability to funnel people into the new public space and art. The new design strengthens the city’s pathway network while reinforcing the importance of the Bow River as a place for recreation and urban life.

Heavy collaborated with O2 Design to design, build and install the planter and bench features along the riverwalk, as part of their placemaking vision. The features were designed to resemble a river tributary and allow for the easy flow of pedestrian traffic through the public space to and from the iconic Peace Bridge.

The project team refined the design to utilize a series of molds to be used with GFRC, allowing the same peices to be utilized multiple times for each planter. Using GFRC, the team was able to meet the requirements for creating complex geometric shapes, while also reducing time and material costs associated with cast concrete.

Client: O2 Designs for City of Calgary
Designer: O2 Designs
Project Type: Landscape Architecture
Location: Calgary, AB. Canada
Materials: GFRC, wood, steel
Scope: Plan-Build