Bassett Associates – Just Sail and Wave

Date: 05/2018 Category:

Heavy teamed up with landscape architects Bassett Associates to develop a sculptural feature located in the Melcor Developments Westmere traffic circle, adjacent to Chestermere City Hall.

Heavy’s design team worked within tight size constraints and height restrictions. The feature was designed and fabricated to fit within a unique wedge-shaped area on the traffic circle island of the Westmere development.

Through the conceptual design process, the focus was to represent themes of nature, freshwater wetlands, recreation and the lake environment in a modern, contemporary way. Several concepts were produced by the Heavy team and ultimately the boat theme was selected.

Other key elements that contributed to the final design were: constructability, longevity, value for money and long term maintenance.

Client: Melcor Developments
Designer: Bassett Associates & Heavy
Project Type: Public Art
Location: Chestermere, AB. Canada
Materials: Wood, steel, concrete, LED lighting
Scope: Plan-Build ™