Zas Architects + Interiors – York Window Frames

Date: 02/2016 Category:

Design and fabrication of 3 different complex window panels, designed to mimic a cloud.

A building concept to mimic a cloud does not make for easy construction, but by leveraging Flynn Canada’s glazing experience and our experience with 3D design and BIM integration, we were able to make it a little easier for Turner Construction. The window pods Heavy designed and built with Flynn Canada are made up of three unique triangular window panes assembled into 191 window pods—each on a unique plane with changing angles.

Without any flat planes or common frames of reference, our design team was required to work backwards from the BIM surface model in order to simplify the design without diluting the original intent. What came of this was a standardized system using a common plane with uniquely cut aluminum mullions in order to create every angle. This common plane allowed for more economical base building structural steel as it could be constructed from straight members with the curving geometry being created from the custom laser cut aluminum mullions.

The end result is a beautifully complex building wrapped in mesmerizing geometric window panes.

Design: Zas Architects + Interiors
Client: Flynn Canada
Place: York University in Toronto, Ontario
Materials: Glass, Steel