Our work demands a holistic approach to design.

We keep a view to each phase of the process, approaching design from the perspective of a fabricator.  Our approach keeps the process moving forward and prevents costly re-designs.  We find solutions that are enduring and buildable without compromising the soul of the project.



We save the brilliant and extraordinary ideas from the recycle bin. As a fabricator, we can tell you whether a concept is possible to execute within the restraints of the project. With a view to each phase of the process, we find buildable solutions without compromising the soul of the project.

•   Design charettes

•   Conceptual design and sketches

•   Conceptual consultation



We evolve a design beyond a sketch and develop the structure behind the shell.  It can take hundreds of hours to design a project correctly, but the investment is worthwhile once the project is in production.

•   Stuctural considerations in partnership with our network of engineers and subject-matter experts

•   Modelling of projects in 3D space to integrate sub-scopes



We don’t just plan what we’re building, but how we’re building it too. We plan and design for the production process to avoid roadblocks and costly overruns during production or on site.

•   Mould and form design

•   Shipping cradles, rigging and transportation plans

•   Assembly sequencing

•   Interfacing with third-party scopes


Heavy Industries’ projects are modeled in three-dimensional digital space. Our designers work primarily with SolidWorks; an industry benchmark for 3D design. We also work with other programs such as MODO, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, and AutoCAD depending on the demands of the project. We have the ability to work with any 3D model format provided to us or build the model ourselves. We can also develop mesh models for more organic forms and seamlessly integrate them with SolidWorks to develop critical mechanical details.  Modelling projects in 3D space enables us to:

•   Design projects with exacting precision, down to every component
•   Examine the project and work with our partnered engineers to perform stress analysis and other simulations
•   Conduct interference analysis where our parts interface with existing structures or those being produced by a third party
•   Precisely and accurately translate the 3D model into real parts through CNC programs and our CNC machning equipment
•   Easily review the project throughout production for quality assurance


We harness our 3D design abilities as a communication tool to compliment more traditional workflows. Our design process is typically supported through:

•   Design charettes and face to face meetings to gather input from our clients and other parties.
•   Hand-sketches completed by our staff artists that convey our approach in real time.
•   e-Drawings files that allow engineers and project stakeholders to create professional markups directly in the 3D design file.
•   Photorealistic renderings to visualize the project in situ.
•   Animations showing various views, assembly sequences, and how the project interfaces with other parts.
•   Rapid-prototyped maquettes produced directly from the refined 3D model.
•   1:1 scale samples or mock-ups to illustrate design methodology, show finishes and materials, and allow our client to visualize the project in real space.
•   Complete drawing packages for formal approval by our clients or engineers.
•   Production drawings that thoroughly document the design and communicate the construction and manufacturing plan to the production team.

Assisted Design

Heavy Industries’ team of subject matter experts and partnered engineers can be contracted for design-assist and design-build services.  We see the project from the perspective of a fabricator and give consideration to the nuances of how the project will be executed.  Our integrated approach to design results in professional project documentation and planning that will give confidence to even the most hesitant of stakeholders.

Our design-assist process is tailored to the specific needs of each challenge.  Our services can include:
•   Concept development and sketches
•   Material analysis
•   3D model development and renderings
•   Consideration to architectural and aesthetic requirements
•   Structural review
•   Physical sample production
•   Cost evaluation and design recommendations to accommodate a target budget
•   Preliminary production planning and design for manufacturing
•   Design recommendations to accommodate site specific details
•   Production, transportation and installation scheduling
Heavy Industries’ design-assist services are overseen by a dedicated project manager under an hourly arrangement with itemized charges for any samples, materials, and engineering fees.
To learn more about our services, please connect with us.


What people are saying about our design:

  • "There are real risks of misunderstanding between customers and builders with even routine designs. You mitigate these risks with a skillful blend of computer generated drawings and real life mockups."

    Jim Hill, Founder and President  |  Esker Foundation

  • "Heavy Industries played an essential role in bringing a unique aesthetic feature to the landscape. Their professionalism and design expertise ensured a trouble-free installation."

    Justin Rampersad, Project Coordinator  |  EllisDon Construction Services Inc.

  • "Through Heavy's involvement, a firm definition of the scope and quality of work required for the project was determined such that the tender process that followed was equitable and transparent."

    Jill Anholt, Artist  |  Jill Anholt Studio

  • "Heavy works in a creative fashion with highly effective procedures and methods form preliminary concept to integrated design all the way through project delivery.  They really know how to take a creative concept and turn it into a reality."

    Todd Urquhart, Senior Project Manager  |  Clark Builders