Building Hope for Kids

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About the Event

The Alberta Children’s Hospital is a world class facility with focuses from research to life-saving care. Every year the hospital works tirelessly to help over 94,000 children and their families get through some tough times and get back on their feet, and depend on donations to help fund their programs, equipment and other areas that allow them to provide top notch medical service to their patients.

Building Hope for Kids is an annual industry event that raises money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Sponsored by Brookfield Residential, Baywest Homes and the Calgary Marriott Downtown, the event hosts over 600 industry professionals, and is  themed after some of the most interesting places in the world. This year’s theme is “A Night in Italy” and will be take place Saturday, October 15 at the Calgary TELUS Convention CentreThis year, guests are invited to experience the incredible history, beauty, and cuisine of Italy, a country with a rich and lasting contribution to Western civilization. With live music, auctions, themed food and drink and surprise entertainment, this ‘Night in Italy’ is sure to delight the senses. Last year’s event raised over $200,000 and has raised over $1 million dollars since it began 5 years ago. Building Hope for Kids is looking to continue the overwhelming success that was last year’s “A Night in Rio”.

For some more information on the importance of the event, click here to read an article about last years “Night in Rio”.

Heavy’s Involvement

Four years ago, Heavy attended the event and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to get on board as a sponsor. For the “Night in Tokyo” event, Heavy fabricated and donated a Japanese themed stage which was a hit with the event’s patrons. Due to the previous year’s success, Heavy continued our sponsorship at the “Night in Rio” event, by donating an elegant ceiling feature following the theme of  Brazilian Carnival. Once again Heavy will be sponsoring the Building Hope for Kids fundraiser, and will be donating an Italian themed decoration.

How You Can Help

It wasn’t until Heavy attended the event that we truly understood how great of a night it is, and we want you to do as we did and check it out! Here’s a couple ways you can participate:

Buy individual tickets

Buy one for yourself, or a couple for you and your partner or friend. This event is always a great time. Between the food, the atmosphere and the people, you are guaranteed to leave happy, and know your money went to a great cause. Not to mention, who doesn’t want a little taste of Italy in their life?

Buy Group of 10 tickets or Reserve a Table

Bring yourself and some coworkers and clients. Every dollar spent will be worth the fun you have on a night out with your team. Not to mention, with over 600 industry professionals attending, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet some new people and network within the construction industry. Whether you buy 10 tickets and mingle on the floor, or reserve your own table, everyone you bring will leave happy they attended and excited for next year!

Can’t attend? Donate!

Maybe you can’t attend, but want to help out the event. All donations of any amount help. These crucial funds make a real difference for children in our community, and will be greatly appreciated not only by Alberta Children’s Hospital, but by the children and families they help, and the sponsors and attendees of the Building Hope For Kids event.

For more information or to donate and purchase tickets check out the Building Hope for Kids -“Night in Italy” web page.

Want to join Heavy or donate to the event? Click here for information!

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