Careers for the smart, the capable, the tenacious, and the innovative


Heavy Industries is a unique mix of talent with people ranking among the best in their fields.  We are certified project managers, journeyman tradespeople, and public artists.  We are some of the best designers working in 3D space.  We are construction professionals, architects and material specialists with decades of experience behind us.


We work in a creative environment that’s been refined and polished for efficiency.  We are a community of people who can depend on each other, persevering to project completion with dogged tenacity – building projects with mouse clicks, words, drawings, and our tools.  We pursue the satisfaction and pride of completing a project that many thought impossible.


Since Heavy’s inception over ten years ago, we have become an industry benchmark with sophisticated processes and an impressive portfolio, but we have not plateaued.  Our growth is deliberate and measured.  Each new employee is a strategic selection who deserves to be here.  We recognize our people by compensating fairly and rewarding success.

Heavy’s Core Values


Agile and committed to improving our projects

Showing diligence in our approach, documenting EVERYTHING!


I am proud to work on innovative projects and I am proud of the work we do.


We’re in this together.

Forging our own path, reinventing creative construction.

Career Opportunities:

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  • "I work at Heavy Industries because my skills are challenged by projects that no one has ever built before."


    Process Developer & Carpentry Department Leader
  • "I work at Heavy Industries because I could never imagine another job as unique and changing as this one."


    Site & Safety Manager
  • "I work at Heavy Industries because life is way too short to not follow your passion and surround yourself with like-minded people.  I work here for the culture that fills this building; we work hard, but we play even harder."


  • "I work at Heavy Industries because I’m addicted to awesome."


  • "I work at Heavy Industries because I enjoy working on expressive projects for fun; finally, my personal and work interests are aligned – a very rare find indeed."


    Project Manager
  • "We are great at problem solving. I never had a chance to work together with more talented people then the Heavy Crew. There isn't a problem that can't be solved, there is always someone who will come up with a plan. That's what I like about Heavy."

    -Anonymous from Monthly Meeting Town Hall