Cheers to 15 years

It’s hard to believe that we’ve just celebrated our 15th birthday, but as the dust settles we gratefully acknowledge everyone who has made this milestone possible.  To our clients, partners, employees and everyone else who has joined our little family: It’s to <strong>you</strong> that we owe our past, present and future success.

On September 12 we held our 15th anniversary event at ATCO Park with some very special guests in attendance. We took this opportunity not only to celebrate our anniversary, but to recognize and pay tribute to all the friendships formed over the past 15 years that have made our success possible.

ATCO Park is home to our newest flagship project, the ATCO Icon, and we were honored to have ATCO’s president and CEO, Nancy Southern provide a keynote speech where she reflected on ATCO’s earlier years and her positive experiences working with Heavy to bring the ATCO Icon to life.

Guests were regaled and entertained by Heavy’s President and cofounder Ryan Bessant accompanied by one of Heavy’s most esteemed and long-standing team members, Mike Matthews. The duo reminisced on the early years when Heavy was a prop and theming company – a small team with big ambitions. The two demonstrated how the value of grit, tenacity and a good sense of humor paid off during those critical formative years.

Heavy Industries has built a reputation as a company that does not follow the status quo. Honoring those who go above and beyond every month has become a tradition. Staff members who demonstrate our values in exceptional ways are recognized with a caricature portrait that commemorates their hard work. Guests at the event were treated with a special opportunity to have their very own honorary “Character of the Month” portrait created by talented artist Rob Milton.

As we look forward to the next 15 years, our vision of having art in every community is coming to fruition. And it is through the valuable relationships that we’ve formed over the last 15 years that we have been equipped to think bigger and leverage the power of collaboration. Today, Heavy Industries is a creative hub that facilitates the planning, building and installation of iconic art and unique architecture across North America. While we continue to grow and evolve we know that it is the relationships that we form, and the experiences that we provide that are critical to staying true to our vision.

We extend a very big thank you to all our friends, clients, partners, employees and consultants for making this very special a milestone possible.