WORLD-CLASS PLACEMAKING EXPERIENCES DISCOVER CURATE DEVELOP BUILD Carrington Community A community placemaking experience Progress Energy Stairs Award winning interior design and architecture SANFORD IMAGINETICS Connecting interactive art & architecture EMERGENT A play between the past and present SIMONS CANOPY Fashion meets art at the historic Lancaster Building ATCO Icon Demonstrating the power of collaboration HARMONY A collaborative student artist project CARRINGTON A community gathering place that connects people through experiences


Custom Fabrication: Transforming ideas into captivating experiences.

As a custom fabrication company, Heavy Industries transforms imagination into reality. We plan, build and install artwork, architectural features and immersive experiences. From concept to installation, we find simple approaches to complex scenarios.

Your vision is the starting point for our journey together. Our team of creative professionals will engage you in a collaborative process to uncover the passion and purpose driving your project. Together we will explore the possibilities for developing your vision and communicating it to the world. Our work inspires imagination, provokes expression and contributes to your legacy.

Lets ‘go all-in’ together

  • "The signs are looking fantastic. What a great contribution to our community's appeal and vision. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your design and production team!"

    Jean Anne Fraser, Director of Planning & Technical Services  |  Town of Hinton

  • "Very much appreciated your creative problem solving and support throughout the process."

    Deborah McBride Wilson, Senior Associate  |  BKDI Architects

  • "They embraced our concept and created a design and implementation schedule that exceeded our expectations."

    Val Dearden, Special Projects Manager  |  Town of Edson

  • "Heavy has the creative and artistic intelligence combined with technical knowledge to add significant value to the creation of our work."

    Georg Zey, Artist  |  Inges Idee

  • "Your fabrication quality and advanced processes have made Heavy Industries a natural fit for fabricating the complex public art projects we are currently undertaking."

    Georg Zey, Artist  |  Inges Idee

  • "In a world of limited imagination and intellect builders, your firm clearly stands out."

    Jim Hill, Founder and President  |  Esker Foundation

  • "You proactively dealt with glitches before they had a chance to derail the project and I appreciated how you were transparent about the ins and outs of what was going on throughout our time working together."

    Michael Fishman, Senior Associate  |  Stantec

  • "I was impressed by your ability to integrate lighting, steel structures, concrete sculptures, cedar and concrete benches, and coloured flatwork into one set of entrance features"

    Michael Fishman, Senior Associate  |  Stantec

  • "Heavy works in a creative fashion with highly effective procedures and methods form preliminary concept to integrated design all the way through project delivery.  They really know how to take a creative concept and turn it into a reality."

    Todd Urquhart, Senior Project Manager  |  Clark Builders

  • "Leadership, vision and a passion for excellence combined with talent, skill and expertise are all qualities that we found all throughout Heavy Industries — from top to bottom"

    Todd Urquhart, Senior Project Manager  |  Clark Builders