Heavy Industries is a rare mix of talented creative professionals, ranking among the best in their fields.

We live and work in a creative environment that is optimized to produce the very best world-class art and architecture. Our team is made up of highly skilled, unconventional and creative people who thrive on collaboration and a passion to do things better. We invite growth in everything we do – and we’ve been successful in doing so.

We are pioneers who have created our own industry at the intersection of art, architecture and construction. We take pride in the extraordinary work we produce and the comradery that gets us to the finish line.

Since Heavy’s inception over 15 years ago, we have become an industry benchmark with our sophisticated “Plan-Build” processes and an impressive portfolio of world-class art and architecture to prove it.

We are the team behind some of Canada’s most iconic art and architectural projects.

Each member of our team is a strategic selection who deserves to be here and fits with our culture.

Interested in joining our family?  Do you have a “nothing is impossible” attitude and feel charged up when you find a simple solution to a complex situation?

If so, tell us more about it and why you’d be a great fit at Heavy Industries:

Career Opportunities:

  • "I could never imagine another workspace as unique, dynamic and rewarding as Heavy."

    Mike, Special Projects

  • “Our desire to be innovative - to disrupt, it’s not always a quick process, but holding that in high regard is part of our key values.”

    Kevin Poole, Estimator

  • “Heavy is about integrity, ownership and unity. It’s a conscious team effort to exceed the client's expectations.”

    Bob Kary, Carpentry Lead

  • “When we encounter a problem, the focus is immediately the solution. What can WE do about it.”

    Aaron Caine, Welder

  • “Heavy is full of opportunity, openness and evolution. It comes through in the experiences we create with clients, but also in our team's growth both personally and professionally."

    Cortney Fleming, Purchaser

  • “The multitude of skills we have throughout the shop truly makes anything possible.”

    Jessy Boucher, Shipping and Receiving

  • “We are proud of everything we’ve done. With each project I'm excited to tell everyone that I worked with the team towards creating that experience.”

    Ian MacNaughtan, Project Manager

  • "I work at Heavy because I adore a challenge. Every unique project we tackle requires a different way of thinking and a constant re-evaluation of assumptions in the service of evolutionary improvement. I work at Heavy because it’s a place where the best ideas flourish, and personal growth is all but certain."

    Connor Hayduk - Design Lead
  • "There isn’t a job out there that would give me the opportunity to travel North America, work and rub shoulders with such successful people, and help sell such a unique service offering that’s different then anything out there. The experience is invaluable."

    Kyle Bell-Cook - Business Development
  • "I have an admiration for the quality of work we produce and the relationships we build with our clients which differ from your typical business relationships. I feel challenged on a daily basis. I feel I am a part of an organization where my contributions are appreciated and make a difference. I enjoy coming to work each day!"

    Christie Thompson - Project Manager