Harmony Developments and Heavy present: “The Call for Creatives” PART II

Earlier this year, the Harmony development partnership approached Heavy Industries with an opportunity to facilitate a new art feature for the community of Harmony. An invitation was sent out to Calgary universities and was met with responses from talented students from across creative disciplines. Four finalists were selected; Graeme Haunholter (schools), Anna Semenoff, Kellen Spencer and competition winner Gordon Skilling.
The selection process and design period that took place over the spring and summer were documented in  an ongoing video series  that features Skilling and the other artists working alongside Heavy’s design team in collaborative sessions to help bring their concepts to life. Heavy assisted the students through the learning process of understanding the methodologies of concept development, materials, design and production considerations, as well as how to actualize their creative visions. Each student produced inspiring concepts with a variety of aesthetic appeal, but only one could move forward into production.

For Heavy, it is important to serve as a hub, connecting communities like Harmony to the wealth of ideas from Calgary’s creatives. Heavy amplifies the vision of community developers while equipping artists, designers and architects alike with the tools they need to focus on bringing their ideas to life.

A very special congratulations goes out to Gordon Skilling for his winning concept!

Stay tuned for part 3 of the video series documenting the production and installation of Harmony’s newest community feature!