Heavy believes in a truly collaborative process with the artists we work with, giving you full access to our shop, artisans, materials, and expertise. This ensures you can focus on your vision while we handle the details that bring your vision to life, like budget, planning, installation and coordination. We speak your language, we know how important it is to see your art realized without compromise, and we go all-in to make that happen. Heavy wouldn’t be where we are today without the big ideas of the incredible artists we’ve worked with, and we are constantly looking for new ways to push boundaries and make your artistic vision possible.

Heavy works with architects to help you realize your vision without compromise. With a careful eye for blind spots and risks, we collaborate with you early in the design process, considering all aspects of the project to ensure the features integrate seamlessly into the overall scope. You’ll have access to our materials and processes, allowing you to compare and understand material and design alternatives. At Heavy, we help you push the boundaries of your design, enabling you to think bigger and create something inspired, all the while respecting the project’s constraints that will help sell your vision to your clients.

Heavy is committed to providing owners and developers with a turnkey solution they can trust to leave a lasting legacy. Whether it’s to stand out, add value, or evoke a sense of pride from your audience, we keep the “why” of your project top of mind throughout the process. Target audiences are increasingly particular about the community they choose to live and work. We work with you to create something captivating and unique to add value to your development, excite your audience, and increase the return on investment. If your goal is to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors, Heavy can help.

Heavy understands the importance of executing on time and on budget. We work with general contractors to provide turnkey solutions and a single point of contact for unique and complex scopes. Collaboration is key, so in addition to integrating into your job site, we provide an open line of communication and fully manage the risk that comes with unique project work. We’re skilled in taking big design ideas and translating those ideas to boots on the ground, giving you certainty and clarity on scope, budget and schedule. Heavy is the team you can trust to execute work that is outside the norm of typical construction, no matter how complex.

Heavy is experienced in working with local governments to execute projects that provide excellent value for money and space. We understand the nuances of specialty work and collaborate with the stakeholders on your team to provide a turnkey solution for unique and complex scopes. We also understand the importance of coming in on schedule, on budget, and managing your risk with no surprises. All our work is warrantied, so you can be confident that Heavy stands behind our projects.