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  • A journey back in time

    Behind-the-scenes look at Emergent   Recently named a 2020 Merit winner for a prestigious CODAaward in the landscape category, the already-iconic Emergent artwork located outside of the unique 31-story Edison office tower on the corner of 9th Avenue and 1st Street S.W. started as a collaboration between Heavy Industries and Aspen Properties, owner and manager of the property “They knew

  • Meet … Ian McNaughtan

    Catching up with one of Heavy’s ‘generals’ In just three short years at Heavy Industries, Ian McNaughtan has seen it all. As Project Manager for some of our company’s largest and most complicated installations, he has been involved in everything from memorable skyscrapers in his adopted hometown to timeless art on the shores of East Chicago.  We recently sat down

  • Creative placemaking in a post-COVID world

    Why community gathering spaces anchored by purposeful public art are more important now than ever Rewind less than a year ago and terms such as “social distancing” and “flattening the curve” had yet to enter our daily lexicon. Who would have thought they’d soon represent a reality that has since changed the way we speak about the world around us?