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  • Top 5 Qualities to Look for in a Fabricator

    Over the years, we at Heavy Industries have identified what qualities have been the most vital for us to achieve maximum results with the projects we have built. We believe that when these qualities are implemented both long-term relationships and successful projects are built. Let’s explore what these qualities are…

  • What’s Trending in Design and Architecture? IIDEX Canada, 2013

    With Canada’s national design and architecture expo just over a week away, a buzz is in the air. What will the 29th year have in store for? IIDEX Canada takes place Sep 26 and 27 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, ON.

  • The Tale of TransitStory

  • Rockwood Sunrise

    What does it take to create a sunrise? In mythology the Gods are responsible for the Sun, Apollo, Helios, Sol, wielding a mixture of magic and mystery. For Rockwood Sunrise in Gresham, Oregon, to create a sunrise it takes a whole lot of skill and ability; the artistic vision and creation lying in the hands of Dan Corson, the fabrication