In our world, iconic designs and creative places are built without compromise.

Heavy Industries has been beautifying the built world for over ten years. As an architectural design and custom construction company, Heavy Industries has manufactured and installed some of Canada’s best known public artworks and most complex architectural projects. Through technology, experience, and expertise, Heavy Industries has become a single source for designing, fabricating, and installing custom features for artists, architects, and design professionals.





We specialize in the type of thinking that turns complex geometric forms into executable plans.  All of our design is communicated through 3D shop drawings and photo-realistic renderings.

  • Conceptual design
  • Construction design
  • Manufacturing design
  • Engineer approvals





Our 36,000 square foot facility plays host to a variety of departments including:

  • CNC machining
  • Carpentry and millwork
  • Sculpting, moulding, and casting
  • Steel and specialty metals fabrication
  • Architectural concrete
  • Industrial-grade coatings





We take a turnkey approach to the projects we build.  Our project managers and site supervisors are adept at handling every detail

  • Site preparation
  • Foundations and structural interfaces
  • Lighting and electrical coordination
  • Crating and logistics
  • Rigging and final placement
  • "In a world of limited imagination and intellect builders, your firm clearly stands out."

    - Jim Hill, Founder and President

    Esker Foundation
  • "I was impressed by your ability to integrate lighting, steel structures, concrete sculptures, cedar and concrete benches, and coloured flatwork into one set of entrance features"


    - Michael Fishman, Senior Associate

  • "We were delighted not only with your facilities but even more by the enthusiasm and creativity of your staff and the ingenious solutions they developed in fabricating this complex artwork."

    - Caryl Christian Levy, Artist

    CMC Fine Arts
  • "Heavy works in a creative fashion with highly effective procedures and methods form preliminary concept to integrated design all the way through project delivery.  They really know how to take a creative concept and turn it into a reality."

    -Todd Urquhart, Senior Project Manager

    Clark Builders
  • "They embraced our concept and created a design and implementation schedule that exceeded our expectations."

    - Val Dearden, Special Projects Manager

    Town of Edson
  • "I was impressed with their commitment and dedication to the project at every stage, from development to installation."

    -Myfanwy MacLeod, Artist

    Myfanwy MacLeod
  • "You proactively dealt with glitches before they had a chance to derail the project and I appreciated how you were transparent about the ins and outs of what was going on throughout our time working together."

    - Michael Fishman, Senior Associate

  • "Your diligence in cooperating so closely with us [...] through all phases, including concept, producing computer generated schematic drawings, fabrication, and installation was exemplary."

    -Caryl Christian Levy, Artist

    CMC Fine Arts
  • "Leadership, vision and a passion for excellence combined with talent, skill and expertise are all qualities that we found all the way through the company with Heavy Industries from top to bottom"

    - Todd Urquhart, Senior Project Manager

    Clark Builders
  • "Heavy has the creative and artistic intelligence combined with technical knowledge to add significant value to the creation of our work."

    - Georg Zey, Artist

    Inges Idee