Jaume Plensa

Artist:  Jaume Plensa

Client:  Encana Leasehold Limited Partnership

Place:  THE BOW tower plaza | Calgary, Alberta

Size:  40’x 33’x26’ (12m x 10m x 8m)

Materials:  7/8” and 3/4” coated mild steel rod





“the architecture of our bodies is the palace for our dreams”

 – Jaume Plensa



Heavy in Wonderland:

Large scale fabricated mesh form of a young girl’s head designed by renowned public artist Jaume Plensa.  The project known as Wonderland was commissioned as a feature sculpture for the entry plaza of THE BOW tower.

Heavy Industries’ innovative approach to producing the Wonderland sculpture allowed for a highly accurate expression of the artist’s three-dimensional design.  Our methodology employed the use of CNC milled templates and an assembly framework that was digitally designed.  The sculpture required 11,568 welds to complete and is finished with an industrial-grade coating.  Wonderland is Calgary’s largest permanent public artwork to date.

If you are interested in learning more about Jaume Plensa’s work follow this link and if you want to know the impression of Wonderland on Calgarians please read this.